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Hi I'm Edward Mann Owner of Fast Eddys Keys Express.

Trustworthy service by Fast Eddys Keys Express include residential, automotive and commercial locksmithing for the Minneapolis Minnesota area. Such as in: St Louis Park MN, Edina MN, Richfield MN, Bloomington MN, Golden Valley MN, Uptown, Southwest, and South Minneapolis Area's of Minnesota

Edward Mann - Minneapolis locksmith

I also provide a really efficient lockout service for cars, homes and businesses

I'm fully Insured and bonded. I started Fast Eddys Keys Express in 1985.

I provide Emergency locksmith services, Residential, Business locksmith service, and Car locksmith service.

I have been a Minneapolis Minnesota locksmith since 1985.  

When a lock needs to be changed; due to theft, personnel policy, loss of a key, there's no time to waste.  The window of opportunity to prevent a crime is in the first 48 hrs.  

Fortunately, Fast Eddys Keys Express provides locksmith service to any location in the Minneapolis MN and the Twin Cities Metropolitan area of Minnesota.

In addition...

The most common cause of unauthorized entry through a locked door is by using a duplicate key.

Remember that painter you hired last year? Or that maid? Yes you temporarily gave them a key. Unfortunately, standard keys to your property can be made on demand in countless places.


My suggestion is to replace standard locks with high security products by Schlage Primus.  

My Primus key's are not sold to any one but me.  That prevents duplication without the property owner and/or residents permission.

Fast Eddy Sidekick

Upgrade your lock and keys with products that are not sold at the hardware stores. You would be amazed at the quality difference between the products Fast Eddys Keys Express provides and those hardware stores sell. 

I take your safety and security very personally.  

I have seen too many home invasions.  It's very disturbing. Everything from simple home invasions with jewelry stolen, TVs, and Cars stolen out of the garage. And in worst cases, families crushed by murder.  

All because someone starts out wanting your property and thinks they can just take it.

This locksmiths passion is to help stop the anarchy and the damage to your life, homes and business. with real locksmith skills

Cost effective locksmith measures, such as better door locking hardware and/or re-keying your locks can prevent break ins or at the very least, slow them down. If need be I can repair locks as well. So you can take the precautionary measures to protect yourself and your family. Time is the essence and we believe we can afford you this time.

Locked Out?


If you're having one of those days and get locked out of your home, car, or business. Fast Eddys Keys Express will get you in so fast, you will wonder why you were so stressed out to begin with. Just a day in the life of this Emergency Locksmith Service.

Fast Eddy with His Locksmith Truck

We provide lockout service for cars, homes and business.

I love being a locksmith that's what I do for work and I take great pride in my work. I hope you think so also.

Satisfaction guaranteed. Our hours are 7:30 am - 7:pm Monday - Sunday.

Thank you:Edward Mann

E-mail Me: locksmithminneapolisarea@gmail.com

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Minneapolis locksmith Fast Eddy Mann

"Fast Eddy" Minneapolis locksmith

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Fast Eddys Keys Express (612) 822-3773 Locksmith Service Hours are 7:30 am - 7:00 pm Monday through Sunday

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 Locksmith prices - What I Charge for Various locksmith services and Why.

Minneapolis locksmith services Help Prevent Crime

Home and Business Burglaries occur everywhere. The best prevention is a proper set of locks and sound management of keys. As a locksmith in Minneapolis Minnesota key management is a huge part of our lives. To assure you get top notch product and service. You need a experienced locksmith that is insured and bonded. This talented locksmith loves to make your life more simple and secured. Some people pretend to be a locksmith but Edward Mann loves being a locksmith and history will dictate his legacy as a loyal locksmith. To see a map of current police reports and crime data for Minneapolis Minnesota (or your city/neighborhood) go to: Minneapolis crime map Minneapolis area crime map

Snow Emergencies May Require a Minneapolis locksmith To Avoid Tows and Fines

Locked your keys in your car? Or did you Lose your car keys? Be forewarned with this link If a snowstorm hits or after, With a Minneapolis Snow Emergency Minneapolis will ticket and tow your automobile to the Minneapolis impound lot. They don't put up with excuses. So be preemptive If you see a Snow storm coming call a locksmith to make sure you don't get towed. This link shows all the rules for a snow emergency.