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A big problem nowadays is key control.

Imagine your employee going home with a key for your business! Who is hanging out with them? Bad lover? Bad Friend?

Imagine they have other ideas - such as getting a copy cut of your shop key on your employee’s key chain when they aren't looking. And sticking it to you later on.

Or how about that house key you gave a maid or friend to take home with them? Who has access to your house key? Who could come and burglarize your home while you are out of town?

For true key control when you are unable to protect your keys, You need a High security Keyway! A key that would be virtually impossible to get copied without your permission. A keyway that is Patented by Law.

Fast Eddys Keys Express sell’s Schlage Primus. A Lock and key system that offers real security. And more importantly Key Control. There is no way I would copy or create a Primus key for a person who never bought into this system with me.

Sure other locksmiths carry Schlage Primus also! But My Schlage Primus keys are made specifically for Fast Eddys Keys Express and no one or no locksmith carries the same identity of a Schlage Primus as mine. It would be impossible!

primus Schlage Primus Key

Now that said there is a bonus here we really have not talked about. Schlage Primus locks can not be picked open by a locksmith. It will never happen! We as locksmith’s would just look at the lock laugh and demand our service call for coming out!  Or call the police because they most likely are a intruder who doesn't know better!

We understand as locksmiths how Schlage primus works and wouldn't even try. I have been a locksmith since 1985 and know full well the mechanics of Schlage Primus! I earned my name Fast Eddy! By opening doors in seconds. And Schlage Primus stops me cold. I know my limits. And to protect my customers Homes and Businesses I sell the best Schlage Primus.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

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  Since 1985, Fast Eddys Keys Express has provided the Minneapolis area with professional locksmith services. We offer vehicle lockout service, building lockout service, we re-key locks, install hardware and repair hardware for all your home or business security needs. 

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