City of Edina Minnesota History

A Walk Down the Streets and Memory Lanes of Edina, Minnesota

The city of Edina sits at the heart of Hennepin County in Minnesota, southwest of Minneapolis. It started as a small farming and milling community in the eighteen sixties and had grown in population over the years. In 1870, families from Ireland immigrated to Edina as a result of the potato famine and had claimed the southwest section of the town. Soon after, other settlers coming from New England and Germany also claimed their part of the lands. The first areas to be established in Edina were the Baird and the Grimes neighborhoods along with the Country Club District which was previously called the Waterville Mills.

  By 1888, Edina’s residents considered founding a new village which would separate them from the Richfield Township of which Edina was originally part of. They held a meeting to discuss the matter and those within the community voted in favor hence they built a committee to lead this transition. Fast Eddy at an Edina MN intersecton Forming the new village, there was a debate among the residents about naming it. They held several town meetings where a number of names for the new village were suggested including Hennepin Park, Westfield, and Edina. Ultimately, the name Edina prevailed by majority vote. Some myths about naming the village Edina suggests that there were two opposing communities that fought about giving the village an Irish name or the Scottish name, Edina. However, no such claims have been proven.


Morningside in, out and in again

Among the first suburban developments in Edina was Morningside Neighborhood, which was developed in the early 1900’s. It’s in the northeastern part of the village and there have been conflicts among the residents as the neighborhood grew.

Some of them wanted to maintain the rural character of the city as a whole while the rest were more concerned about enriching the city services. Because of these conflicts, Morningside seceded from Edina by the year 1920 and became an independent village but came back to being part of Edina again in 1966.

  If you walk about the city today, you will see that a lot of major highways run through Edina. It’s part of what makes the city highly attractive as it is readily accessible to those who are in the metropolitan area. The city is divided into 4 sections by Minnesota State Highways namely highways 62 (the crostown) and Highway 100 (the Beltway.)

  Edina remains one of the most affluent suburbs in Minneapolis with only 3.3% of its population below the poverty line. It is home to a number of billionaires including the businessman Richard Schulze.

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