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What is Master Key systems?

A master key system means that it is possible for people, who are authorized to access different doors within a system, to each have just one key. And this locksmith from Minneapolis MN called Fast Eddys Keys Express has been creating and installing Master key systems for over 30 years. Loose pile of keys

Benefits for you:

  • Security with as few keys as possible
  • Easy use, as only one key is needed for all relevant doors
  • Simplified organisation
  • It is possible to define exactly who has access to which areas
  • All cylinder locks and types (main entrance doors, internal doors, garage doors...) can be locked with just one key

Example of a master key system:

Example: master key system (general main group key system) for an office building used by two companies, Smith Ltd. and Jones & Co.
  • GHS: The general master key locks all doors (e.g. for security guards)
  • HS 1 (Smith Ltd.): This master key locks all doors used by Smith Ltd. (e.g. for Smith Ltd.'s director)
  • 1G 1 (Smith Ltd.): In addition to locking the main entrance and the general staff areas (storeroom, toilet, kitchen), the 1st group key only locks Smith Ltd. offices 1 and 2 (e.g. for the clerical assistant)
  • 1G 2 (Smith Ltd.): The 2nd group key locks the main entrance, the general staff areas and all secretariat doors (e.g. for the secretary of Smith Ltd.'s director)
  • HS 2 (Jones & Co.): This master key locks all doors used by Jones & Co. (e.g. for Jones & Co.'s owner)
  • 2G 1 (Jones & Co.): The 1st group key only locks the doors of the sales areas, the main entrance and the general staff areas (e.g. for Jones & Co.'s sales staff)
  • 2G 2 (Jones & Co.): The 2nd group key locks the secretariat doors, the main entrance and the general staff areas (e.g. for the secretary)
I provide Master key systems all the time here at Fast Eddys Keys Express. You receive full spread sheets and information on the identity of the keys. They are usually used for Apartments and Office buildings. We can provide a free estimate for you at any given time. I have served the Minneapolis area since 1985 with absolutely no complaints about our master key systems.
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